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CF Pharma are an ISO Accredited Medical Device Company based in Kilkenny, manufacturing and selling Alcohol Free Sanitiser, as well as Foot Operated, Table Top and Wall Mounted Sanitiser Dispensers.

CleanRite is alcohol free hypoallergenic sanitiser. The CleanRite range is EPA approved against SARS-CoV-2 with a full complement of safety studies.

Our products are based on Hypochlorous also known as HOCl which is a disinfectant product based on shelf stable Hypochlorous, which delivers the highest killing efficacy yet with a full safety profile.  Our technology facilitates the wider availability and application of Hypochlorous and is a major breakthrough in disinfection. 

Cleanrite Santiser
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Risk Analysis of CleanRite versus Alcohol Sanitisers


Proven to kill Corona Virus, EPA approved against SARS-CoV-2

No supervision necessary

No student health history required

Safe on accidental ingestion, low probability of abuse

Skin safe during prolonged use

Ocular safety demonstrated on accidental exposure

Suitable for use with atopic skin conditions

Eco friendly

Skin friendly pH

Suitable for children of all ages

Non-flammable, no special storage conditions required


Alcohol Products

Allowing staff and students to return to school with complete confidence.

CleanRite is an ideal solution for your school

Recently, we’ve learned the importance of good hand hygiene. Hand sanitisers are now essential in public places but their alcohol content means standard sanitisers aren’t always suitable for schools.

However, CleanRite, being alcohol free makes CleanRite ideal for school use because:

  1. Its use doesn’t need to be supervised.
  2. Its skin friendly ph is perfect for repeated use by pupils of all ages and those with skin conditions.
  3. Its non flammable and most importantly, its proven to kill Coronavirus.
  4. It can be used to sanitise all surface areas including desks, school bags, laptops, phones etc…
  5. It is food contact safe.



CleanRite 60ml

A convenient personal 60ml bottle with finger spray.


CleanRite 150ml

A convenient 150ml bottle with finger spray.


CleanRite 500ml

Atomiser bottle that can be used on larger areas and surfaces.


CleanRite 1000ml

A large table top sanitiser for your convenience.


CleanRite Hydrogel 1000ml

A large table top sanitiser for your convenience.


CleanRite 4500ml

Use the largest in our range to top up your sanitisers. Can be stored safely.


Table Top Dispenser

Keep your sanitiser safe and secure with our table top dispenser.


High Standards

All our products are tested to the highest possible standards.

Sanitiser Dispenser


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CleanRite is also sold in leading pharmacies nationwide including
McCauley, Lloyds & Evergreen Healthstore

Lloyds Pharmacy


Yes. CleanRite is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and kills coronavirus.

CleanRite kills 99.9% of germs.

CleanRite can be used on the hands, skin, face, surfaces, work areas, phones, laptops, computers and even food.

No. CleanRite is pH neutral and does not sting upon application.

Yes, CleanRite is suitable for use from birth and is hypoallergenic. It is found naturally in the human immune system.

No. CleanRite is alcohol, antibiotic and steroid free. It is not harmful if ingested or upon contact with the eyes.

There is a slight swimming pool-like smell that dissipates in seconds.

No. CleanRite is dermatologically tested and has a moisturizing effect on dermatitis and requires no rinse.

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